Gazco Radiance Inset Verve XS


Making a bold visual statement, the Gazco Verve XS frame lends further presence to the Radiance Inset’s sleek lines. With its subtle curving form, this three dimensional frame option adds depth to the fire and can be viewed from any angle in the room. Available in a choice of stylish colours, the eye-catching looks of the Verve XS both attract attention and leave a lasting impression.

Fire Size Heat Output* Frame Dimensions w x h x d
Radiance 85R 1 – 2kW 1200 x 532 x 56mm
Radiance 105R 1 – 2kW 1400 x 532 x 61mm
Radiance 135R 1 – 2kW 1700 x 532 x 69mm
Radiance 195R 1 – 2kW 2300 x 532 x 85mm
Heat Output