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Faber e-Box 1000-450 ST

The electric e-BoX series offers you the essence of Faber’s unique electric fireplace: naturally flickering flames rising up from water vapour and light to captivate you from all angles. The ideal alternative for discerning fire lovers, who are looking for a realistic fireplace and appreciate a good price/quality ratio. And that without emissions, so no need for a chimney, and without the traditional technical limitations of a gas or wood fire. This makes it ideal for use in situations where gas or wood fires are not an option. The e-BoX unit is pleasingly all-inclusive, and features a compact adjustable secondary heating feature and handy remote control. Available in a frameless front or see-through model. And so the essence of Faber’s electric fire comes to life.

  • Safe, three-dimensional flames formed by cold water mist, with adjustable secondary electric heating (max. 1kW)
  • Decorated in your choice of realistic wood set, Carrara pebble or grey split stone, or ‘pure black’.
  • Works using a standard electric socket and flexible water pipeline or reservoir with pump (optional).
  • Available as a frameless front or see-through model
  • A beautiful Faber fire to your personal taste and interior design requirements.
  • With the e-MatriX Burner you can enjoy a playful, three-dimensional flame effect that moves up from a glowing bed of ash between the logs.
  • An ultra-thin flexible water hose and a regular socket are all you need for the connection.
  • The fire can be built in with the glass flush against the surround.
Burner e-BoX Burner
Exterior dim. WxHxD in mm 1140 x 800 x 412
Fire display WxHxD in mm 1032 x 368
Decoration (option) Log set
White pebbles
Acrylic Ice
Interior Back wall smooth steel
Capacity (kW) 1.0 (kW)
Optional extra’s: Non-reflective glass
Black glass back wall
Top light
Bottom light

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