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Planika Prime Fire in Casing

Prime Fire in Casing is an advanced eco fireplace that allows for a very simple and convenient control. As a ready to build-in insert, the Prime Fire in Casing can be easily arranged in all kinds of interiors.

The applied BEV Technology™ guaranteed the cleanest and most efficient combustion. Lack of any hard connections makes the installation process extremely easy.

  • optional remote control
  •  zero clearance (Prime Fire 990+ Forma)
  • automatic refill system
  • 2 stage flame height
  • BEV Technology®
[video width="3840" height="2160" mp4="https://wilsonsfireplaces.com/newsite/wp-content/uploads/2021/10/Prime_Fire_990_Automatic_Ethanol_Burner_Promo-1.mp4"][/video]

Available Sizes & Designs:

W: 1219 mm /  48” H: 508mm /  20” D: 406 mm / 16”

  1. Single Sided  2. Right Corner  3. Left Corner  4. Three Sided   5. Room Divider  6. Double Sided

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