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Rocal Habit TC

With the new Habit range you can personalise your stove as much as you want. From our basic designs, you can choose between different sizes, formats, fire windows and fans systems for maximum efficiency.
Also available with lower wood store, metal bench unit and wall-mounting version.


  • Output: Habit 73 – 11.1kw / Habit 93 – 14.4kw
  • Steel combustion chamber.
  • Vermiculite inner lining.
  • Wraparound casing in 6 mm steel.
  • Optional external air inlet.
  • Prehated primary and secondary air.
  • Tertiary or safety air.
  • Ash pan removal from front.
  • Double deflector, top deflector with two-position adjustable flow.
  • Option ECOntrol automatic combustion control.
  • Two or four fans unit with two automatic speed settings and one manual.
  • Can be supplied without fans unit on request.

Optional Extras: 

Bench unit 1000 mm (1000x400x450 mm)
Bench unit 1200 mm (1200x400x450 mm)
Bench unit 1400 mm (1400x400x450 mm)
Bench unit 1600 mm (1600x400x450 mm)

Wood store Habit 73 TC +T (730x400x430 mm)
Wood store Habit 93 TC +T (930x400x430 mm)


Wall Mounting Kit


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