Element4 Kudos

With the new Kudos gas fires you can enjoy a warm and atmospheric fire in every room. You can easily install this fireplace in a smaller room, with the great advantage that there is very little built in installation work required.

With the Real Flame burner you are assured of an extremely realistic fire image. The flames, in combination with the realistic logs, create an utterly realist wood fire look.

Burner(s):Real Flame Burner S
Type of fireplace:Gas fires
Net natural gas capacity (min-max) G25:1,7 – 6,6 kW
Net natural gas capacity (min-max) G20:1,8 – 7,3 kW
Net propane capacity (min-max) G31:1,6 – 6,4 kW
Black steel:(Standard)
Remote control:(Standard)
Operation via app:(Optional)
Connect to home automation:(Optional)
Wall switch:(Optional)

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