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Faber e-Matrix 1300-400 III

The electric e-Matrix Linear Fires are impressively wide with a characteristic, low silhouette. The freely swirling ‘flames’ are formed from water mist and LED lights. Can be built in almost anywhere, even where a gas fire or wood fire is impossible or undesirable, because there is no need for gas or a chimney. Using the free app, you can personalise the glow above and below the flames, and adjust the secondary electric heating. Using the Faber MatriX line, you can create the fire of your dreams that matches your needs. This makes the e-MatriX Linear not only stylish, but also sustainable and a smart choice.

  • A beautiful Faber fire to your personal taste and interior design requirements.
  • With lively, three-dimensional flames and personally adjustable glow above and below the flames. Includes secondary heating feature (max. 2 kW)
  • Works using a standard electric socket and flexible water pipeline or reservoir with pump (optional).
  • The fire can be built in with the glass flush against the surround.
Burnere-MatriX Burner
Exterior dim. WxHxD in mm1501 x 755 x 537
Fire display WxHxD in mm1377 x 400 x 351
Decoration (option)Log set
White pebbles
Acrylic Ice
InteriorBack wall smooth steel
Capacity (kW)2.0 (kW)
Optional extra’s:Non-reflective glass
Black glass back wall
Top light
Bottom light

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