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Klover Brera Air

The Klover Brera Air is no doubt an engineering excellence, with two built in cast iron heat exchangers it allows the fan to be switched off completely and switches to a completely silent running stuff, it disperses the heat via natural convection for total silence.

What is an air stove? The air technology means a pellet stove with forced ventilation via a whisper quite fan suited to all rooms.

Stove Dimensions (W x H x D): 480mm x 1060mm x 525mm


  • 2.5 kW to 9.6 kW Output
  • Silent Running
  • Self-cleaning burner
  • Front & top cast iron panels
  • Safety sensor on door & tank
  • Wi Fi enabled & remote control as standard.
  • Heat exchanger panels which allows fan to be switched off
  • Lights 6 times faster than other pellet stoves
  • Daily & weekly programmer
  • Chrome protected Auger
  • Pellet cruise control
  • External Air room sealed appliance
  • Optional Top Flue Outlet

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