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Planika Forma

FORMA single-sided firebox is one of the most advanced technologically fireplaces available on the market with a unique feature of zero clearance. Self-contained construction means your fireplace can be framed into i.e. wood or metal studs, providing installation freedom and flexibility for builders and creating a striking addition to a feature wall.

It comes with an automatic fuel pump and can be turned on and controlled via a smartphone from the comfort of your seat. FORMA single-sided firebox is available in six sizes: 1000, 1200, 1500, 1800, 2300, 2700.

Thanks to the flexibility of shapes and sizes, FORMA fireplaces are sure to fit perfectly into any space maximising the visibility of the fire flames. Because of the patented BEV Technology™, the burning process is very clean with no harmful by-products are left as a result. Full combustion means there is no smoke, smell or ash. Planika’s single-sided firebox is an ideal solution for both – modern houses and apartments!

• zero clearance to combustibles
• remote control included
• mobile device control
• SHS compatible
• automatic refill system
• 6 stage flame height
• BEV Technology®

Available Sizes:

  • W: 1016 mm / 40”

Burn time: max. 9 hrs
Capacity: 4.3 L
Heat: max. 4.4 kW

  • W: 1219 mm / 48”

Burning time: max. 10 hrs
Tank capacity: 5.5 L
Heat output: max. 7.0 kW

  • W: 1524 mm / 60”

Burning time: max. 11 hrs
Tank capacity: 6.8 L
Heat output: max. 9.4 kW

  • W: 1829 mm / 72”

Burning time: max. 11 hrs
Tank capacity: 8.6 L
Heat output: max. 13.0 kW

  • W: 2337 mm / 92”

Burning time: max. 12 hrs
Tank capacity: 11.7 L
Heat output: max. 18.0 kW

  • W: 2693 mm / 106”

Burning time: max. 12 hrs
Tank capacity: 14.8 L
Heat output: max. 22.5 kW



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