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Planika Senso Fireplace



Senso Fireplace is an automatic Net Zero unit with a patented BEV Technology® for safe and ecological usage. The BEV Technology® ensures no direct contact between the flame and the liquid, making Planika’s fireplace one of the safest products available on the market

TRUE ZERO CLEARANCE: The technology used in Senso Fireplace allows you to install your bioethanol unit in construction made of flammable materials in accordance with all the safety standards.

2-LEVEL FLAME: Choose between two burning options to fit your needs: lower level for a longer burning time and high level for a more significant heating power.

FREE FORM ARRANGEMENT: With detachable side panels, you can easily arrange your fireplace however you want and admire your flame from multiple sides.

NO CARBON MONOXIDE RISK: The combustion of bioethanol is one of the safest heating methods, which doesn’t pose a risk of carbon monoxide production.

NATURAL FLAME: The bioethanol fire pit creates a golden flame to illuminate your indoor space.


  • Heat output: max. 2.5 kW
  • Detachable Sides (1, 2 or 3 sided option)
  • Max. burning time approximately 4.5 hours
  • Two flame heights – remote control included
  • No chimney needed
  • Automatic refuelling system
  • Optional Log Set

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