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Planika Galaxy (Built in)



Galaxy Burner is a brand-new linear gas burner to be used outdoors. The burner can be installed in any flat surface, giving you so many creative arrangement possibilities. Galaxy Burner is fully automatic – you can control the fireplace using the wall switch, the included remote control or using your mobile app. All of these allow you to turn the fireplace on and off, as well as increase and decrease the flame size. Galaxy Burner can be used with both Natural Gas (NG) or with Liquid Propane Gas (LPG).

FIREPLACE INSERT FOR BESPOKE PROJECTS: Create the focal point of your garden by transforming this fireplace into a piece of art. With Galio Star Insert many stylish designs are available! It can be installed in a piece of furniture or pedestal. For the finishing, you can choose the material that will perfectly suit your project.



Max heat output: NG – 10.1kW, LPG – 13.4 kWMax heat output: NG – 18.6 kW, LPG – 22.0 kW
L:1150mm x W: 350mm x H: 340mmL: 2000 mm x W: 350mm x H: 340mm 
Control type: automaticControl type: automatic

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